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Reiki KRYSTAL (Light for Cosmic Healings) is a book that will revolutionize the area of Health in the world, since Cosmic Healers have Special Healing Codes and through these, plus the use of 9 Sacred Symbols, the Stellar Masters of Light send us Their Powerful Healing Light Energy from Higher Dimensions, reaching the receiver as a sign of their total healing; where KRYSTAL Reiki Therapists serve as Healing Channels.


The KRYSTAL Reiki Therapies or Cosmic Healings are in this Golden Age, the most Powerful tool that we have to connect with the Energies and Symbols brought by the Stellar Masters eons of time ago and that we were not yet ready to receive Them; Therefore, it is considered 36 times more powerful than Traditional Reiki and 21 times more powerful than Golden Reiki.

E Book: KRYSTAL Reiki (Light for Cosmic Healings)

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