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THIS PRICE DOES NOT INCLUDE THE MEDITATION CD. Pay your amount and it will reach your email. Any question, write us to the e-mail:

“Finding your Inner Balance will help the reader to prepare for their Individual Ascension and with it, collaborate with the Planetary Ascension.

Finding your Inner Balance has been written with the purpose of imparting the information and help that is required to achieve the balance of your four main bodies: physical, emotional, mental and spiritual; where you will find tools to unlock, free yourself, control your emotions, heal relationships, among others; whether you are a Healer, Therapist, Warrior or Messenger of Light.

INCLUDES: 29 practical exercises and a notebook to do them; to help you organize and plan your life; be and stay in Balance and Balance in its main areas (Love, finances, recreation, family, intimate relationships, thoughts, food, etc.), unblock and heal its 4 main bodies; as well as planning your New Life, after the change generated by the use of these tools.

I am Archangel Leailel, in the service of the Light. "

E Book: Finding your Inner Balance

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