KRYSTAL REIKI THERAPIST: It is the most Powerful Reiki Healing Technique that currently exists on the planet, since 11 Sacred Symbols are handled using the Vital Energy directly from the Hands of the Creator.


At this level we teach to: perform Cosmic exorcisms, extract dense energies and transform them; measure, unblock and harmonize 16 chakras and the Energetic Triangles of the body; cleanse and close the aura; perform this Powerful Technique on a stretcher, generating income from the first day of your Initiation as a Therapist.


We provide you with Powerful Healing Tools and Techniques: Body, mind, soul and Spirit, to help in the Healing of your receptors, being the Channel of the Doctors of Heaven.


Excellent beginning to be a Powerful Healer, individual, group and Planetary.


RAINBOW LIGHT WARRIOR: You will learn the interrelation between the Being that We Are and the other planetary beings; additionally, like all the energy that someone emanates, it affects others directly or indirectly. 


We teach the energetic correlation between other beings and ourselves, learning to be ONE with each living being. 


You will have Powerful Techniques and Tools to prepare you as a Warrior of Rainbow Light, who are Lightworkers of Archangel Michael on the planet Earth-Gaia.


Both, being the first & seconnd level or step to train as an Angelic Life Coach.


If you want to know whwn the offer ends, please read teh flyer.

Workshops: KRYSTAL Reiki Therapist & Rainbow Light Warriors | ONLINE

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