It is the most Powerful Reiki Healing Technique that currently exists on the planet, since 11 Sacred Symbols are handled using the Vital Energy directly from the Hands of the Creator.


At this level we teach to: perform Cosmic exorcisms, extract dense energies and transform them; measure, unblock and harmonize 16 chakras and the Energetic Triangles of the body; cleanse and close the aura; perform this Powerful Technique on a stretcher, generating income from the first day of your Initiation as a Therapist.


We provide you with Powerful Healing Tools and Techniques: Body, mind, soul and Spirit, to help in the Healing of your receptors, being the Channel of the Doctors of Heaven.


Excellent beginning to be a Powerful Healer, individual, group and Planetary, being the first level or step to train as an Angelic Life Coach.



The Workshops that we offer in our Training are more practical than theoretical.

In particular, at this level, REIKI KRYSTAL THERAPIST WORKSHOP, we teach you how to balance your 5 bodies, how to clean and reprogram them; how to heal and reprogram your emotions.

We provide you with information and practice on how the mind plays an important role in your decisions, we give you tools to heal your beliefs, deprogramming old beliefs and limiting programming, reprogramming them into total successes; as well as, the ancestral situations that we bring from various lives.

We provide you with tools that work in excellence, so you learn how to forgive and be forgiven.

We show you how the mind and thoughts work, how to reprogram the subconscious mind so that you attract what you deserve in your life. We give you information on how the Alchemy of Manifestation works in us and how to take advantage of this gift, that God gave us to manifest and obtain what we want in our life.

We teach you how to work the spiritual body so that you grow and evolve.

We teach you how the Cosmic Exorcism works, cleaning the body and aura, your home, office and environment. We offer you Powerful Sacred Geometry to cleanse your chakras, your 5 main bodies, the 5 Energetic Triangles of the body and your aura.

We also teach you the Powerful Sacred Geometry of KRYSTAL Reiki, which comes with Initiations and Consecrations from The Creator Father and, in addition, you receive Initiations from various Stellar Masters.

We teach you the Powerful Sacred Cosmic Healing Tool, as through Sacred Geometry, we place people in the Healing Chamber so that the Doctors of Heaven, whom we assist, come and heal them, being able to receive minor or major etheric surgeries, depending on receivers require.

We teach you to work on a stretcher, so that, being a tremendous Holistic Therapist and Cosmic Healer, you can work and receive remuneration, helping so many people who need to be healed of their physical, emotional, mental and spiritual body, where you will be a Channel of the Doctors of Heaven, feeling joy, offering your energy of Light and Love to those close to you: your family, friends, relatives, your environment, animals, nature, children, adolescents, the elderly, to the Community and the planet.

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