This is a Training of 8 levels of professional preparation, to lead you to build a Better World in yourself, in your family, environment and in your recipients.


    You will receive Initiation and we will have the honor of preparing you as: Healer, Warrior, Holistic Therapist, Integral Holistic Consultant, Priest and Coach.


    Upon completion of your preparation, you will be able to continue your studies as Master Zoly, to prepare others in the learned Methodologies (this Training as Master Zoly is not included in the Angelic Coach of Life  Training).



    *To be over 18 years old


    For more information, visit:


    Classes begin every January and end every December, in Spanish or English (you can choose the language of your preference). When you register, you will receive the Class Schedule.

    Professional Training as Angelic Coach of Life



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