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Performed by Master Zolemgeh Estrella.


Taught by Master Zolemgeh Estrella.


The TEC-LSR Integral Holistic Consultancies that we offer you are a Powerful channeling carried out from Angels, Archangels and Star Masters by Master Zolemgeh Estrella. This Methodology bears its name TEC, since Master Zolemgeh received it directly from The Hands of the Creator. (TEC - Therapies with The Creator o Terapias con El Creador in Spanish).


TEC-LSR Integral Holistic Consulting works in any area, process or project that you want to CLEAN, HEAL AND REPROGRAM (hence its acronym LSR, in Spanish Limpiar, Sanar y Reprogramar); to keep vibrating high and flowing in the Light and with Infinity. We give you as an example: health, love, fixing a dysfunctional relationship, successful divorce, new project, money, downloads or unlocks, etc.


To seal this Methodology and for the receiver to remain in high vibration and in Perfect Health, this COMPLETE Treatment includes the 6 LSR Holistic Therapies (to Clean, Heal and Reprogram the Akashic Records and DNA Molecules), which are performed while the receiver sleeps, to achieve a GREATER effect.


When you receive a TEC-LSR Integral Holistic Consulting, additionally, you will receive 11 COSMIC Healings with different types of Reiki from advanced New Earth Methodologies (KRYSTAL, CRISTIC, WARRIORS AND MELQUISEDEC), as required by the recipient, to heal: organs, systems, glands, chakras, cells, atoms, Akashic Files (Records), minds, thoughts and molecules; awakening Wisdom and hidden gifts, directing him towards her Mission, raising his Consciousness Level, so that he is a new and powerful person in Light and Love.


These COSMIC Healings with Reiki of the New Earth are performed at night while you sleep, since they require certain hours of rest (7-9) and some diet; It will depend on each case and your Therapist will tell you.


These Sacred Methodologies are used together as they were created to develop spirituality and maintain a balance in all areas of the recipient.  By receiving them, it will help you unblock, harmonize and unify the chakras, clear energy cuts, cleanse, harmonize and seal the aura, HEAL your different bodies, minds, thoughts, organs, systems, cells, molecules, glands and more. Additionally, it was designed to integrate our spiritual and material aspects; that is, to experience Heaven while on earth.

The objective of imparting the TEC-LSR Integral Holistic Consulting is that the person who receives them feels good and that all areas of their life flow, for a complete development and success in everything they do.

The TEC-LSR Integral Holistic Consultancies have a duration of 2 to 3 hours per session, additionally and once completed, they will be reviewed for 11 consecutive days, since that is the maximum time that the subconscious mind assimilates the positive changes that come, after a recipient has received an Integral Holistic Consulting of this magnitude. With other methodologies it would take years to see results and not 100% as with the TEC-LSR Integral Holistic Consulting.


These reviews are included in the value of the TEC-LSR Integral Holistic Consulting, plus the 11 COSMIC Healings with Advanced Reiki, indicated above.


Dare to perform a TEC-LSR Integral Holistic Consulting with COSMIC Healings and change your life for the better and better every time!


Integral Holistic Coaching TEC, LSR y Healings

  • Después de su compra, se le entregará el formulario de cita. Llénelo y envíelo al e-mail: Nos pondremos en contacto con usted a la brevedad.

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