This is a Training of 8 Levels of professional Program, to lead you to build a Better World in yourself, in your recipients and in the participants of your Workshops


    You will receive Initiations and will have the honor of preparing as: Healer, Warrior, Holistic Therapist, Integral Holistic Consultant, Priest and Angelical Life Coach.


    At the end of your preparation, you will be able to offer the first 2 levels of our Training Workshops, for adults from 18 years onwards; in addition, the 8 levels for children and adolescents, from 5 to 17 years old.
    -KRYSTAL Reiki Therapist
    -Warrior of Rainbow Light

    -KRYSTAL Reiki healings for children and adolescents.



    *To be over 18 years old


    For more information, visit:


    THE OFFER is if you sign up on or before November 22, 2020.


    Classes will begin on January 11, 2021. Upon registration, you will receive the Class Schedule. 

    Angelical Life Coach Program

    $5,770.00 Precio
    $4,789.10Precio de oferta


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